Online Casinos and Netent Games

Netent is a software development company that specializes in bringing high-quality games to the online casino market. Their games, from slots to live table games, are among the best and most popular available due to the RTP (Return to Player) which is favourable, as well as other several amazing features that come with them. 1netentcasino provides you with a directory of the up-to-date NetEnt casinos and games. Most gamers often find different strategies that can be used to win on games. In this guide, we'll give you some tips that will increase your odds of winning when playing NetEnt games.

How to Win at Netent

The first and most important thing to consider if you want to win while playing NetEnt games is to learn all the features of the game. If you are a novice player, we suggest that you play the NetEnt game of your choice in free mode to know how the game works. One thing about casino games is that their strategies differ from each other depending on the type of game. This means that the strategies applied to blackjack may not work the same for video slots. You can take a look at for popular strategies used in different NetEnt games.

Nevertheless, there are basic and general things to watch for in games which can boost your chances of winning. First, you need to define what you are expecting from the game. NetEnt games like every other casino games fall into the category of low, medium or high volatility. Low volatility games offer players a chance to make regular small wins. High volatility games, however, offer huge winning potentials but they don't happen often. A good example of a high volatility casino game is progressive jackpot slots. Once you've identified what you want, you can then choose your preferred game.

Besides volatility, every casino games also have what is called a Return to Player (RTP) percentage. This is the theoretical percentage of all the accumulated bets wagered on a particular game, which players can expect back as winnings in the game's entire life span. For example, playing a game with an RTP of 98% means that for a total of $100 bet placed on the game, all players can get $98 back as winnings. The $2 difference is the house edge which is the gain of the house. Thus, choosing a high RTP NetEnt game of 95% above will technically increase your winning odds in the game.

  • Determine what type of winnings you want and choose the right game.
  • Claim casino bonuses and always go for games with higher RTP and Hit Frequency.


Set Your Budget

One common strategy that works on most casino games is to set a defined budget for playing the game. This budget/bankroll should be set in a way that will allow you to play the game for a longer duration. Since most game such as slot has a Hit Frequency, you will stand a better chance of making a win over several game rounds. Hit Frequency refers to the frequency of landing a winning combination in a game. For example, if a slot has a Hit Frequency of 35%, it means you can expect to make 35 wins out of 100.

Another useful strategy that can help you win more on NetEnt games is to claim different incredible bonuses. Many NetEnt casinos offer players bonuses which they can use on games and win from it. With these bonuses, you can play for a longer duration and this can give you a chance to win. While all the tips provided in this article is helpful, you should note that no gaming strategy offer 100% winning assurance. So, you should only gamble with spare money. One last important thing is that you should quit while ahead. If you win big on a casino game, try playing a different game for a while.

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